Pro Therapies - The best of science and nature

About PROtherapies

PROtherapies is a professional line of supplements, dedicated to the health and wellness of you and your patients. Each and every product encompasses our absolute insistence on premium ingredients from 100% sustainable sources, high efficacy, consistent potency and guaranteed purity from farm to finish.

Meticulously created with health professional guidance, PROtherapies, ground-breaking formulas contain clinically proven ingredients that can be trusted to deliver the results you want for your patients. Whether the focus is on a specific therapeutic need or overall health maintenance, this unique line of products combines the very finest that nature has to offer with the latest scientific research.

PROtherapies guarantees absolute clinical purity

PROtherapies raw materials are tested, tracked, checked and monitored through a rigorous chain of custody. Representative samples are screened for impurities — heavy metals, pesticides, solvents and microbiological contaminants, to name a few — before being certified for use. Documentation follows each ingredient through its entire life. Long after a PROtherapies formula reaches the patient, each of its ingredients can be traced back to the date and batch where it began.

PROtherapies means consistent active potency

PROtherapies analyses ingredients for uniformity and nutritional bioavailability. Technicians safeguard product potency by using alcohol- and solvent-free extraction and dry-compression tableting procedures, all of which prevent dilution and contamination.

PROtherapies relies on smart manufacturing

During manufacturing, airflow controls prevent cross-contamination. Equipment — scales, mixers, tableting machines, coating equipment and analytical devices — receive rigorous cleaning. Routine calibration and diagnostic tests ensure the precision of manufacturing equipment. Processing water comes from a purified source. PROtherapies’ small, carefully controlled manufacturing batches ensure that customers can purchase the freshest — and highest potency — formulations any day of the week.

In an age when nutritionally enhanced products of questionable provenance crowd the marketplace, 360 Pure distinguishes PROtherapies from other manufacturers — and is a symbol of safe, premium, clinically pure and consistent-potency formulations that consumers can trust.