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Resveratrol PRO 120 capsules

Product Code: 6745

Resveratrol PRO from PROtherapies contains the full-spectrum grape antioxidant with higher polyphenol and trans-resveratrol potency levels. Trans-resveratrol is the biologically active form of resveratrol and is extracted from French and Italian red wine grapes where traditional winemaking techniques are practiced, ensuring the finest quality ingredients in each capsule.

Resveratrol PRO is standardized to contain trans-resveratrol, which is more bioavailable than the cis- form of this nutrient.


Formulated from a blend of naturally antioxidant-rich French and Italian red grapes and extracts of their vines.


No salt (NaCl), sugar, starch, gluten, or lactose.


No artificial colors, flavours or preservatives.


Our premium formulation is manufactured using the 360 Pure process - a minimum of 360 quality tests that guarantee traceability and reliability of raw material, product safety, full potency and absolute clinical purity.